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Welcome to Precision Controls (PRECONS)

Be the reference for developing and unlocking brand potential in the World

PRECONS is one of the leading companies in India that manufactures and exports industrial furnaces, ovens, kilns and various special equipment for varied and demanding applications as per international standard specifications.PRECONS stands with quality,knowledge and an eye to innovation to produce technologically advanced products that reach perfection when it comes to seamless performance.We believe in long term business relationships that are based on mutual goals, ethical business practices and the single minded pursuit of delivering the extraordinary.

Quality Driven

To ensure high quality strict quality control is adhered right from the design stage till commissioning and handing over at clients’ works

Customized Designs

Our equipments are custom-built to suit specific process applications

Cost Effective

Precons, by its innovative technology, has successfully developed cracked hydro carbon gas purging system which is a cost effective process & provides excellent quality.

Reputation of Precons

‘PRECONS’ reputation in the industrial furnace industry is the outcome of four decades of successful engineering, design, manufacture, supply & erection of various types of furnaces for various applications to prestigious clients


  • Users of PRECONS furnaces /special equipment should be globally spread
  • PRECONS customers should enjoy trouble free, cost effective, quality oriented output.
  • PRECONS brand name for industrial furnaces should be internationally reckoned with.



  • Sustained efforts to supply quality furnaces to the full satisfaction of customers.
  • Repeated technological up-gradation will be done on a routine basis.
  • Customer interaction & feedback will be taken as valid inputs for technological up-gradation in our furnaces.


  • User friendly, cost effective with latest technical up-gradation at affordable cost to produce quality output from our furnaces to the fullest satisfaction of our customers..

PRECONS an established supplier
of quality furnaces

We are committed to the design, manufacture and delivery of perfect product

PRECONS understand the customer’s requirements very clearly from all angles and supply the desired equipment to the respective sites, erect, commission and demonstrate the equipment to their full satisfaction and also train their personnel for effective utilization of the systems. Our story is one rooted in an unwavering commitment to the people who work for our company, who in turn have a sincere focus on providing customers with superior solutions that help their businesses develop.


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